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About JDB Fishing

JDB and Jiadoubao first developed slot games and pioneered the incorporation of physical slots games and fishing casino games into internet platforms. These initiatives have made JDB a regional leader in online slots.

Taking over countrues in need, JDB Gaming has expanded into global iGaming markets. With Winbox download, JDB provides games, 24/7 technical support, and safe API integration, boosting players’ gaming experiences through large-scale data analysis. JDB Gaming believes that working with suppliers to provide better products and services will enhance gaming experiences and company growth.


1.  Fun for Everyone Online

Providing a diverse selection of online gaming series, JDB is a seasoned developer in the gaming industry. There are a ton of different arcade game series to choose from, like Fish Shooting Games—the most played in Asia—, Silot Games, Bingo, Card Games, and many more.

2. Bringing Back the Golden Age of Gaming

Played in brick-and-mortar casinos all over the world, JDB gaming and JDB Slot brings a new twist to old favorites online. All gamers, no matter where they are or what time of day it is, may take advantage of JDB’s unique online gaming experiences.

3. Unique Works of Art

JDB gaming, strive to make games that are out of this world. The lessons learned from playing the games are our main emphasis. Insights from the gaming marketplaces inform our efforts to create unique online gaming series that offer a wide variety of gameplay mechanics, a plethora of reward systems, and, ultimately, very addicting creative works of art!

4. Localized Gameplay

JDB keeps expanding into new global regions and has a distinct advantage over competitors because of capacity to create locally relevant games that tap into players’ cultural identities. in Malaysia

JDB Fishing HTML5 Compatibility

Leisure arcades now feature fishing games, which have grown in popularity on Winbox. JDB has several fishing game software programs that impress players! Players will enjoy a unique gaming experience with its many prizes and ways to play.

Players will leave delighted irrespective of the outcome.

JDB’s fishing games are totally HTML5 compatible, you can play them on mobile, web, and desktop via Winbox Login!

Fishing Games by JDB

shade dragons fishing


cai shen fishing


fishing yilufa


dragon master


fishing disco


Why JDB Gaming?

Win-win scenario via Local Adaptation

Depending on client operating area, game performance, player login frequency, and player choice, JDB offers tips for game customization and strategic distribution help.

Assurance on Profitability through Risk Management

Strict management and monitoring of game operating conditions are achieved by JDB’s calculations of placement distribution and potential dangers. Assuring players and casino fair and transparent win rate via machine calculation with no shady move or act.

Development Forecast and Business Opportunities

To help our clients and players effectively enjoy the right markets, JDB base game creation on historical records and industry experiences to forecast potential business development. Introducing specified themes and unique styles for every gamers.

Review and Evaluation of the Circumstances

By analyzing various metrics such as user position, gamer dispersion, rate of retention, and routine tracking, JDB helps customers create market-ready games.

Tips for Games

To those who want to maximize their earnings, JDB suggests games based on participant market research, which takes into account factors such players’ gaming preferences, game rate, game adherence, etc. Register Winbox now!